Monthly Archives: June 2011

HTML table reorganization for WP-Table Reloaded WordPress plugin

In this post I’ll write about another problem with a WordPress plugin. Blogger, for whom I’m managing the WordPress installation, had another wish for plugin customization. The installed WP-Table Reloaded plugin enables the user to create a table and add contents to it’s cells. But it isn’t able to sort the already added entries in the table or shifting the entries for inserting a new cell.

So the choice was to write another plugin or make a script that rearranges the entries by a specific condition, because the plugin supports the exporting and importing the HTML tables. I chose the letter one and wrote a Python3 script.

The exported HTML file can be reorganized in this ways: specify the new number of wanted columns, choose a horizontal (same as an input file) or vertical rendering and specify a regular expression for sorting the entries. Specifying “0” for sorting disables it and putting “(a)” for regular expression option sorts the elements by text between [a] HTML tags.

Here you can download the Table reorganization for WP-Table Reloaded WordPress plugin script.

Update on 6th of August: Corrected the rendering when multiple [a] tags exist in a single cell. Fixed vertical rendering when there the number of elements didn’t fill the whole columns*rows box.

qTranslate support for »Google XML Sitemaps« plugin

Having qTranslate, multilingual WordPress plugin, installed, brings some problems – between them are slower performance and incompatibility with other plugins. It is said, that having a XML sitemap helps you climb on Google rankings. And you can find a few plugins which support this. One of them is Google XML Sitemaps but it has a broken qTranslate support. This was fixed by a forked Google XML Sitemaps with qTranslate Support, but unfortunately it is not up to date and doesn’t translate categories and tags.

So, some coding was needed. To transfer the enhancement to the original plugin, I wrote two functions, which are stored in a separate file, so the new code does not intermingle with the original one. I also enhanced the functionality, so that besides URLs for home page and posts, the URL is translated for categories, tags, archives and author pages. It also works as correctly for enabling/disabling qTranslate’s “hide_default_language” option.

Download the latest version of »Google XML Sitemaps for qTranslate« plugin. Zip file contains the original and modified file “sitemap-core.php” and a new one “sitemap-qtranslate.php”.

To do: translation of URLs for subposts, static pages, taxonomy pages.

Update on 3rd of June: Corrected display of “last modification time” in “sitemap-qtranslate.php”.
Update on 4th of June: Corrected URL translations when not using qTrasnlate option “URL Modification Mode” set to “Use Pre-Path Mode”.
Update on 19th of August: The code was packed as an official WordPress plugin.